Vocalink research reports

I love working on research – either conducting it myself through focus groups and interviews, or diving into quantitative data to seek out the stories and insights. Sometimes it’s a case of discovering something completely new or a new angle on a familiar picture, and sometimes it’s a case of validating or underlining what you already thought you knew. Either way, well-written research can be a powerful tool for gaining attention and driving engagement.

vocalink reportsI’ve worked with Vocalink for a number of years and delivered some fascinating reports on the way payments are evolving. The State of Pay looked at how people in the UK make and receive payments, how they feel about emerging technologies in payments and in particular, how they are adopting – and adapting to – mobile payments.

The Millennial Influence took a broader view of payments among that all-important millennial generation – the people who are now coming into their economic prime and who are increasingly shaping the way the world works, both as powerful and vocal consumers and as leaders of business and government.

These landmark studies attracted a lot of press and industry attention and underlined Vocalink’s position as an authority on consumer behaviour in payments.

‘Jon has taken our International Millennials research projects in 2016/17 and our 2017 State of Pay report, all of which include both vast amounts of data and qualitative findings, and brought them to life with insightful analysis and creative writing. Jon’s fluid and natural writing style has helped to make these detailed and potentially ‘dry’ studies engaging and accessible, highlighting key insights and themes without over-stretching the underlying data. The reports have been well received both internally and externally here in the UK and internationally. We look forward to working with Jon on future research projects.’

Mark Colleran, Senior Customer Insight Manager, Vocalink.