Fladgate LLP

In a crowded sector where rivals are distinguished less by what they do than by how they do it, and where expertise and quality merely win you a seat at the table, getting the brand messages right – and being authentic – can make all the difference.
Fladgate LLP is a top-100 UK law firm, highly respected and growing. It was working with a leading web agency to redevelop its website and brought me on board to review the positioning of the brand and recast all of the web content. I spent a busy two days meeting and interviewing culture carriers from around the firm before presenting back to the executive board on what I felt were the key messages and differentiators. I used these to craft a set of brand statements that were both authentic and credible, and which could be used to drive the recast web site. Working closely with the firm’s web agency, I rewrote the site, carrying the messaging into every aspect of the content, building in natural SEO and implementing a consistent style and tone of voice throughout.