Chaytor Dewey is primarily me, Jon Dewey. With over 20 years’ experience of delivering compelling communications for clients, I know that the right words sell ideas, brands and products. The pace of change in communications may be accelerating but the fundamentals remain constant: bright ideas, sensitivity to the target audience, and precise execution will always determine success in communications.

I’m experienced, professional, used to working with major brands and powerful personalities, and able to add value across a wide variety of channels. Smart, commercially minded and alive to new ideas, I can work in isolation or as an auxiliary member of your creative team – whatever works for you to get the message across and engage your audience.

But it’s not just me. Alongside me is my trusty sidekick and partner, Sam Chaytor. A former journalist, she provides expert editorial support, sanity-checking and a different perspective. Both of us have led corporate communications teams and worked in agencies before striking out on our own. Sam now spends most of her time teaching so she’s the one to speak to about a lesson on fronted adverbials or homophones. Together, we develop compelling stories for business with ideas that engage and words that flow.