Moving People II

Ghosted column Don’t you hate it when you hear someone say, ‘There are two kinds of people in this world, the kind who X and those who Y’? I do. X is always some positive but obvious quality – which, by implication, the speaker ascribes to himself (and I’m afraid it is usually a man),

Moving people

Ghosted column 1 I wrote this for a friend a while ago and sadly the magazine it was published in has since folded – but it was great fun to do: As a glass half-full kind of person – perhaps that should be ‘glass empty but it’s ok, I’ve ordered another bottle’ kind of person

Five tips for Effective Communication

Effective communication doesn’t sound that difficult – after all we can all speak and we all learned to write when we are at school. So why do so many companies find it so difficult to get it right? Two reasons: they don’t give sufficient thought to the message or the audience; and then they lack